Candidate for Blaine City Council 
Ward 2 position 4

After nearly 20 years of local political involvement, I have decided to run for City Council. I have spent the last 2 years as the Public Works Advisory Committee chairperson, and have been a board member since 2015. My time on the committee has shown me that infrastructure planning is one of the most important problems facing Blaine today; especially with the upcoming growth into East Blaine.


Gary and Renate Tomsic

Mike Haslip

Bob and Dorita Gray

Alicia Rule

Jamie Arnett

Josh Smith 

Tom and Jan Burton

Kelli Clausen

Leaf Schumann

Ken and Rachel Ely

Steve and Leslee Smith

Grant and Jaci Sanders

Rick and Mel Collier

Mike and Paula Smith

Carey Bacon

Wendy Walker

Nancy Hobberlin

Wayne Weinschenk

Ben and Alyssa Silva

Madrona and Tobias Hawkins 

I am endorsed by a former mayor, former city manager, former police chief, two State Representatives, and multiple former City Councilors, business owners, and leaders in our community.



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